For those of you who know Revit, you probably understand that this software sometimes acts like a child and doesn't behave just like we want to. So, like educating a child, we also need to learn to educate and manipulate Revit to acquire the results we expect from this Project Manager that has so much potential. Anyway, i hope you don't automatically assume the revit is bad… it's just an expression to control it better. The result is this blog i created like many other bloggers did on this theme. I think i'm just trying to leave my footprint in the growth of this solution that i believe it's the future of architecture software.

26 January 2010

a tip about windows schedule cost field

Welcome to my first blog and my first post!

I could start with any kind of tip or article about Revit Architecture... so i'll start with a simple question that a former student asked me today.

This is a tip for newbies... but very useful!

in a window schedule, how can i have a cost per unit field and a total cost field? (assuming i'm not using the "itemize every instance" check box)


first step we have to create a window schedule. (the project must have windows!)

Now, when you reach the schedule properties, add some fields like family and type, count an cost.

goto Grouping/Sorting tab, sort by: family and type and uncheck itemize every instance

and if you click ok, this is the result so far:

Now what we want to do is create a new field with the total cost of every type of windows we have. Go to the fields in view properties and select calculated values.
Create a name for the field, select currency in the Type option and in the formula just type the name of the Cost field. Basically we are just duplicating the Cost field.

Finally, select the formatting tab, chose the new field called Total Cost and check the Calculated Totals.

If you didn't select a currency in the project units, you can definite here just for this field by choosing Field Format and unchecking the "use project settings".

This is the final look of your sechedule with both cost per unit field and total cost per type of window:

If you have any question or anything to add, please comment and i'll try to help you anyway i can.